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Ashtagandh Global Pvt Ltd Welcomes you all in the  World of Pickles ,Chutney’s and Papad.We are Leading Manufactures of Pickles and papad in Western Maharashtra Under Brand A-one Food Industries since 28 years. Our Pickles are Specially prepared  by using Til Oil ( Sesame Oil),Which is not available in any other brand.

Now,2020 We decided to Spread our wings across the Globe in  Spices and Food industry.We are strongly passionate about our products and totally observed with quality.Our Pickles and papad does not contain any Chemical Preservatives and our all Products are manufactured in house combining modern technology and Traditional Wisdom(With Fully Automatic pickle fetching Machine).We Fulfil FSSAI standards and constantly strive to upgrade the Process.

Our Mission Be a Global Supplier for Indian Spices ,Pickles,Chuteny’s ,Papad and Health related Organic Products by 2025.

In Year 2021 we Entered in Pharma sector of Allopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines.Our objectives is to focus on Therapeutic solutions for well-being and Life .So our patients can live their life to the Fullest.Our Company is committed to provide a Quality medicines at an affordable cost through relentless pursuit of excellence in its operations, Quality products and strive constantly towards developing transforming solutions in all aspects of our service.We have strong team to maintain stringent control system and procedures to ensure compliance with CGMP Standards.

Therapeutic Focus
– Pain Management
-Cardiac and Diabetic
-Nutritional Supplement
-Medical Devices



Quality Pickling is an art not everyone can master. It involves not just the mixing of spices and vegetables, but skill in selection of the right kind of vegetables, the proportionate mixture of all ingredients, the environment and the methods employed in the preservation of quality of the pickles.


We are extremely passionate about our products and hence totally obsessed with quality.Our pickles contain no chemical preservatives or All products are manufactured in-house combining modern technology and traditional wisdom. (WITH FULLY AUTOMATIC PICKLE FEELING MACHINE CAPACITY 9000 bottles )PER DAY.

Shrikrishna P. Patil ADVISER-A-One Food Industries

CHAIRMAN AND PRESIDENT-India and Global Business

Genral Manager-Sales and Marketing

We fulfill FSSAI standards and constantly strive to enhance and upgrade our process. We achieve to continous improvement in quality of our final products (pickles, papads etc) which we offer to our customers by enhancing highest standards of safety, hygiene and sanitization.

Our Vision & mission

To Become A Truely Admired Global Brand in every Corner of World

1.To Be a Leading brand ,we Believe in getting the best of the Raw Materials and following high standards of Manufacturing and packaging at Place.

2. Creating Cost efficient and Proper Supply chain in all the emerging and developed markets of the world in Specified time.

3 .Maintaining high standard levels of Food Quality ,Packaging ,Safety and Hygiene that are  International Gold Standard. 

4. Capturing on every opportunity in the global retail industry leveraging our expertise in high volume production of consumer packs and always meeting international food quality and Customer  required Size.


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Welcome to the world of pickles, We are leading manufacturing of pickles in western Maharashtra last 28 years . 

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